About Us

Meet the Grip Armor team!

Ashton Baalaer has been working in the fitness industry for the past 6+ years as a personal trainer and has always went above and beyond in helping his clients improve their performance in the gym. He also owns personal fitness company Mind Muscle Hustle that takes a wholistic approach to personal wellness. 


Tyler Lynch, fitness enthusiast and data nerd, has a natural knack for problem solving. With a background in Computer Science and Technical Product Management, he brings a customer-focused perspective to Grip Armor by being laser focused on one thing: solving your problems in the gym.


There are 2 huge problems the fitness community is struggling with:

1) Getting a grip. Hands that are sweaty or soft and not yet adapted to weight lifting make it difficult to grip a barbell, pull up bar, dumbbells, or any other kind of weight. Additionally, over-trained hands are prone to developing calluses that get in the way of you getting the most out of your workouts. 

2) COVID. The pandemic wrecked the gym industry and changed the way gyms would operate forever. Clean hands are now more important then ever to stop the spread of germs and viruses. And, while hand sanitizers kills germs, it makes your grip worse and more prone to calluses.

So, what is the solution? GRIP ARMOR! This is why ⤵️

1) Premium liquid chalk for the best grip. Grip Armor sticks to your hand like a glove and doesn't come off during your workout. Sweaty hands are now dry. The bar slips no more. Calluses... Forget about it. You'll be able to grab whatever your trying to grab much better then before without making a mess.

2) Goodbye COVID. Grip Armor is 80% ethanol alcohol which kills has been proven to kill germs and viruses on the spot. With just a dime sized drop of Grip Armor not only are your hands protected but the germs and bacteria is eliminated as well!

It doesn't matter whether your weight training, rock climbing, gymnastics, or pole dancing. Grip Armor is there to protect your hands, improve your grip, and kill those germs.

It's simple. DRIP IT. GRIP IT. KILL IT.