5 Ways to Prevent Calluses on Your Hands

When areas of your skin are subject to repeat friction or force, hardened areas of skin develop over the affected area to protect the underlying skin. For some weight lifters and rock climbers, they tout their calluses as a badge of honor to show their dedication to the gym or their craft. Unfortunately, though, calluses can pose some practical disadvantages as well. When you continue to apply friction without protecting the callused area, the calluses will grow, and can potentially crack, bleed, or cause irritation.

If you’re into weight lifting, CrossFit, or rock climbing, calluses can be especially distracting when practicing. Luckily for you, we’ve identified several ways to prevent calluses without disrupting your workout. 

Wear Gloves

One of the easiest ways to prevent calluses is to invest in a pair of weight lifting gloves. This type of glove offers a barrier of protection between your hands and whatever surface is causing friction, and will help your hands remain nice and smooth. While they’re great for protecting you against calluses, many weightlifters criticize them hindering weight lifting technique, and being identified as a “novice-only” accessory. 

Adjusting your technique 

Improper grip on dumbbells or barbells can lead to larger calluses that are more prone to cracking or bleeding. Focusing on your technique and hand positioning, while being sure to eliminate any unnecessary friction will be key to keeping your hands healthy. 

Even advanced lifters don’t always hold the bar correctly. Although gripping the bar in your palms is more secure, the best position for most lifts is to hold the bar between the palm and the fingers along the knuckles. This reduces the potential pinching and friction from the bar that can result in painful calluses.

Lifting straps

Lifting straps offer a significant advantage during strength and weight training by enhancing bar security and preventing heavier weights from slipping from your hands. This additional grip and support that straps provide reduces the friction on your hands, and therefore limiting the severity of calluses that form on your hand. 

Some weightlifting enthusiasts are of the opinion that using a Lifting Strap is “cheating” — they say it makes “griping weaker” over time, and deprives the weightlifter the ability to gain “real-life-strength”.

Regularly Moisturize 

If you struggle with dry skin, moisturization should play a critical part in your regular skin care routine. When the skin is dry, it’s protective barrier function is impaired, making it more susceptible to calluses that can crack or tear.

Lotions and oils can be great for hydrating your skin, but also aren’t great for using while you’re working out because they'll make it significantly easier for weights to slip from your grip. 

Liquid Chalk

Simply put, liquid chalk gives you much better grip by drying the sweat off your hands and forming a protective barrier between your hands and the bar. For weightlifters and rock climbers alike, the improved grip they get from liquid chalk allows them to work out much more efficiently and safely. 

You might be asking, “what about dry chalk?!” Liquid chalk is superior in almost every category:

Composition: Yes, one is powder and one is a liquid, but this allows liquid chalk to be much more contained than dry chalk, which is much more prone to causing a mess.

Ease of distribution: It’s incredibly easy to distribute an even coat on your hands using liquid chalk. Instead of fumbling around with a chalk rock trying to spread it across the entire surface area of your hand, even liquid chalk distribution is as simple as a quick hand rub. When you’re rock climbing or weight lifting, this is crucial.  

Durability: Simply put, liquid chalk lasts longer. It provides greater protection for longer, keeping your hands protected from calluses. 


While some gym enthusiasts believe that calluses are the price one must pay to lift weights or rock climb, this isn’t necessarily true. There are several effective ways to prevent callused hands so that you can workout safer and longer. Our winner? It's a no brainer, Grip Armor Liquid Chalk

- Superior grip while preventing calluses

- Smells incredible

- Kills germs and bacteria

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