3 Reasons YOU Should Use Liquid Chalk

Chalk has been a staple in amplifying physical performance for centuries. It’s been used in Olympic weightlifting competitions, summiting mountains that are thousands of feet tall, and gymnastics routines that have pulled off the infamous Produnova vault. But why?

Simply put, chalk absorbs the moisture on your hands, improving friction and grip. If you’ve ever struggled while opening a tough jar of pickles… you get it. Unfortunately, chalk has a poor reputation because it’s messy, leaves a residue on almost all surfaces, and must be frequently reapplied. Liquid chalk, on the other hand, is the preferred grip enhancer of choice because it provides excellent grip, lasts longer than normal chalk, and hardly transfers from your hands to external surfaces.

Liquid chalk is incredible but is it for you?

Here’s 3 reasons why YOU should be using liquid chalk: 

  1. Better Performance in the Gym

    Liquid Chalk keeps your fingers and palms sweat-free, so whether you’re lifting weights, rock climbing, or cross fitting, you’ll be able to perform at a higher level for a longer period of time. That means heavier deadlifts, better WODs, and more efficient climbing! Make sure you use a high quality liquid chalk like Grip Armor to ensure it lasts your entire workout.
  2. Kill Germs and Viruses

    Pandemic problems call for Pandemic solutions! The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has stated that solutions containing at least 70% alcohol can be effective in limiting the spread of SARS-CoV-2. Luckily our liquid chalk (Grip Armor) is made with 80% ethanol alcohol, which is just as much as a strong hand sanitizer. That means Grip Armor KILLS viruses and bacteria while you KILL your workout.
  3. Less Mess, More Working Out

    If you’ve ever used or seen regular chalk, you know how messy it can get. RIP your favorite black clothing. The beauty of Grip Armor’s formula is it doesn’t transfer to the surfaces you touch, but sticks where it matters - your hands. When you’re done, it comes off in seconds with soap and water... although, you might not want to wash it off because it smells AMAZING.

Liquid chalk belongs in EVERY gym bag. It doesn’t matter if you’re a hardcore weight lifter, or just getting into the gym for the first time, liquid chalk will help you perform better. Grip Armor is made with the highest quality ingredients to keep you happy, healthy, and safe as we enter a post-pandemic world.

Armor Up Today

We want to get Grip Armor onto your hands, because once you use it you’ll never go to the gym without it. As part of our launch, we’re offering FREE SHIPPING and 20% OFF all orders of Grip Armor when you subscribe to our newsletter! Take a look at the Grip Armor bundles here.


Grip Armor currently comes in 2 different sizes, and 2 different scents. 

  • Clip n’ Grip 50ml bottle.The sleek bottle design will fit right in your pocket, or allow you to clip to a gym bag, water bottle, or belt loop with an included carabiner. These also make GREAT stocking stuffers! Available in citrus and mint scent. 
  • BIG Grip 250ml bottle. This is our heavy hitter and best value. With 250ml of liquid chalk, you’ll have around 6 months of daily supreme grip and sanitization. Use this bottle to refill your Clip n’ Grip bottle, or share with your weight lifting and rock climbing buddies. Available in citrus and mint scent.

Questions? Scents you’d like to see in future releases? Inquiries about bulk orders? Hit us up at get-a-grip@griparmor.com

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